Jam’nBean Cascade & Ada are Open



Jamnbean Coffee Company – Cascade

6860 Cascade Rd. SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49546
Hours: Mon CLOSED | Tue – Fri. 8a – 4p | Sat. 9a-3p | Sun CLOSED

Jamnbean Coffee Company – Ada

590 Ada Drive SE
Ada, MI 49301
Hours: Mon CLOSED | Tue – Fri. 8a – 4p | Sat. 9a-3p | Sun CLOSED

Jamnbean Coffee Company – Downtown Grand Rapids-Temporary Closed

161 Ottawa NW
Grand Rapids, MI 49503

Hours: Closed until March 30th

Learn brewing techniques for the perfect brew!

JamnBean Coffee Company is the next generation of Craft coffee houses. JamnBean Coffee Company combines the atmosphere of warmth and comfort, mixed with all of the latest technology trends.

Our Music venue and local partnership of our high school youth provide the perfect hangout ( Cascade on the Boardwalk ) for young and old alike.

Our Fresh Roasted Coffee is the best! We roast our coffee beans daily, to provide the freshest coffee experience. Our signature beans of Organic Sumatra, Fair Trade Ethiopian Harrar, Kenya AA, and our JamnBean Best are sold in whole bean bulk.

If you’re looking for a Grand Rapids, Ada, Cascade, Area Coffee Roaster to supply your local restaurant or coffee house with fresh bulk coffee, please contact us or stop by. We can set you up with a custom plan and timely delivery.

Grand Rapids Ada Cascade JamnBean Coffee, Tea and Ice Cream Shop.

Tea is the second most consumed beverage in the world after water.
Historically, the discovery of tea has been shrouded in myth and uncertainty. Much of the appeal of tea today stems from exotic wonderment. It is believed that the Chinese Emperor Shen Nung (2737 BC) was the first to discover tea. Shen Nung, whilst sipping boiling hot water in his garden, caught a leaf from a nearby tea plant in his cup. The taste of the water was altered and he greatly enjoyed the result.
Around the 5th century, another Chinese dictionary described the infusion of processed Tea leaves. It involved pressing the leaves into cakes which were roasted, pounded and then broken up into little pieces. To make an infusion the pieces were placed in a china pot where boiling water was poured over them and then, to ‘improve the flavour’, ginger, onions and orange were added.

JamnBean Coffee Company only uses the finest green coffee beans from selections all around the world to produce the best area coffee.